Olympian Misty May shows you the proper technique for the front, back & quick set.

I’m writing to you from my beautiful hometown of Long Beach, Ca right now... and I hope all my fans are ready to put the winter season behind them and are gearing up for the warm weather because I am!!

Although I am lucky to be in warm weather year-round, my schedule is so busy that I can go from...

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Posted by Misty May-Treanor on Jan 07, 2013

Time flies when you are having fun!!!  I want to thank each and everyone of you for being a loyal supporter and fan.  2012 was quite year.  Where do I even begin?  Matt got to play at home with the Dodgers which was fantastic as this was the first year we actually got to live with each other whi...

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Posted by Misty May-Treanor on Oct 28, 2012 under , , ,

Howdy Y'all.  So I am in Orlando attending a conference, watching one of my favorite movies Sweet Home Alabama, gosh I love it.  Luckily the storm is not really near Orlando but we still had some rain today.  Well lets see what has been happening in the month of October

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