Olympian Misty May shows you the proper technique for the front, back & quick set.

I’m writing to you from my beautiful hometown of Long Beach, Ca right now... and I hope all my fans are ready to put the winter season behind them and are gearing up for the warm weather because I am!!

Although I am lucky to be in warm weather year-round, my schedule is so busy that I can go from traveling on planes, to volleyball on the beach, to hiking in the cold mountains, to golfing with my husband. And all that wind, sun and changing weather – combined with stress – can wreak havoc on my skin and even trigger a cold sore outbreak.

If you’re a cold sore sufferer like me, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Unfortunately, I’ve gotten them for as long as I can remember. To help battle these triggers, I always take care of myself both on and off the court. Whether i am on the beach or on the golf course, I use sunscreen on my face and lips, stay hydrated and of course, keep Abreva® with me in case I feel a cold sore coming on. Make sure you get plenty of rest and drink fluids to stay healthy and combat any cold sores that might “spring” on you this season as the weather is changing!

Between the sun and sand and windy weather, a nasty cold sore can appear at the worst time. And imagine, my worst one came during the 2012 Olympics this past summer in London…how embarrassing! Next time one pops up, I can’t wait to try Abreva® Conceal™ to cover it up (not that I’m dying to get another one!). It’s a clear, non-medicated patch that covers your cold sore while it heals and lets you conceal it with makeup. Genius!

I’m sending my fans warm thoughts from the beach – can’t wait for summer, which will be here before you know it!

Dream In Gold....


Disclosure: I am a paid spokesperson on behalf of Abreva

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