Olympian Misty May shows you the proper technique for the front, back & quick set.

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It’s a New Year so here we go.....Finally 2012 has arrived.  I hope that everyone had a great New Year’s and have made some good New Year’s resolutions.  As for myself I have made a few and I plan on seeing them through, with one of them being that I do everything possible to win in London.  I currently have running workouts twice a week, running, lift three times a week, agilities twice a week, and I have been going on the beach two to 3 times a week.  With it being pre-season I am working on getting stronger and quicker.  Also it is very exciting to report that I am taking my last class for my Master’s Degree at this time.  I still have to complete my final portfolio but my classes will be done in the beginning of February.  Everything is coming together nicely.  Matt recently signed with the Dodgers so we will both be able to live and play at or near our home.  I am so happy for him!!!  Hopefully soon I will be able to share news about the exciting partnerships I will be a part of.....I am so thankful for all that believe in me.  Thanks so much for continuing to support me and please keep checking back for more about my journey to London.


  1. I've written a few letters to try to convert Misty to Christ's narrow way, although I am not consistent at walking that way myself. (It's too easy to make jokes about nearly naked women who play volleyball, and Christ wants His followers to be loving.)

    Life is fragile. All the best to you, Keri, Matt, and your families. Thanks for your dedication.

  2. Thank you! And that's just the biennnigg. Many more good things to come. Sue, I'll definitely check out your site:) Thanks for letting me know about it.

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